Heimur Artist Series #1

Ruminations on three images by Luke van Aurich

Luke van Aurich presented ‘Hopefully..’ to me devoid of context, allowing me to imbue his photographs with my own meanings.

Van Aurich’s ‘Hopefully..’ is Lynchian imagery at its finest. In this mini-series, curated specially for Heimur, he has captured three mundane moments imbued with an undeniable element of the macabre. Themes of Australiana and romance are subtly referenced by way of colour and motif, adding a sense of foreboding that begs the question: what has happened, and what will happen next?.

Perth born, Melbourne based Luke van Aurich is a self-taught photographer, interested in presenting his work in unconventional manners, without explanation, so as to allow viewer subjectivity.

Van Aurich recently exhibited ‘Good Night,’ a Solo Exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne, in 2017, and in ‘One,’ a Group Exhibition at Junior Space, Melbourne.

by Anador Walsh

In order of appearance
Hopefully.. (Part Three) 84 x 84cm $890
Hopefully.. (Part Two) 43 x 59cm - $390
Hopefully.. (Part One) 31 x 42cm - $320
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All images are an edition of 3, printed on Museo Portfolio Rag & framed in solid American Oak with Walnut splines.
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